Benefits of traveling with kids for working parents

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Exploring exotic locales and taking on thrilling adventures shouldn’t be a privilege enjoyed by only stay at home or work at home parents. You’ve heard me discuss the working parents can integrate travel into their lives. What are the advantages of traveling with your kids when you typically spend long hours at work and have limited time with them at home? Picnicking in Central Park or spending the afternoon at the Louvre is important, as is always taking our allotted vacation days from work.


Break away from routine

Typical workdays consist of a strict schedule for most families with working parents. They have to leave the house by a particular time in the morning and upon returning from work they have to ensure household chores and homework gets done. There is hardly any time to stop and smell the roses. Traveling enables working parents to forget their daily routine. I look forward to the times when I don’t have to worry about what we are cooking for dinner and making sure we pickup our son from daycare without any delay. Going on a trip is a refreshing change to our day spent as a family.


Spend quality time as a family

Working parents are always overcome by guilt about the limited time they spend together as a family. Multitasking between housework and kids has become the norm for most families. I try to spend as much time in the evenings with my son as possible, but it often overlaps with tasks like folding laundry or making lunches for the next day. That’s another reason why I plan getaways even on weekends. When we leave the house we can leave the distractions of uncompleted chores behind and focus only on discovering a new place and having fun with each other.

Spending continuous days together on vacation really helps us to understand our dynamics as a family. My husband loves to figure out directions and subway maps while I like visiting art museums. We also encourage our son to make choices and let his voice be heard. For now it is mostly on the ice cream flavor he prefers or which exhibit he likes to see at the zoo. We also seize this opportunity to impart learning and instill values in our son. We work on letters and numbers by reading signs at airports and on dinner menus. He is quick to embrace different cultures by following our queues on using phrases in foreign languages and trying new cuisines. Traveling is our time to educate, entertain and connect with each other outside of the everyday grind.


Make lasting memories

As a working parent I always worry that I’m missing the best moments of my son’s life. Even though I can’t be around for a major part of the week, I do try to make the time we spend together count. I’m thrilled to be part of my son’s new experiences during our travels. I will always remember his look of horror upon seeing a shark at the aquarium or his pure joy at riding a carousel for the first time.

Have something to look forward to

Even when you really love your job, the routine of a work week can sometimes feel like a drag. Knowing that you have exciting weekend plans or an upcoming vacation can be your motivation for getting through those long hours at the office. Even my two year old looks forward to our time off, as he knows it is time spent with his parents having a new adventure and he will have our undivided attention. The chores can wait; our time with our son when he is young can not.

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