Destination Guide: Seattle, WashingtonSeattle

Know before you go

  • Bring an umbrella- it does rain. We do use umbrellas, no matter what a guidebook tells you. Also rain boots are a pretty big staple.
  • ATM and Credit Cards are accepted most places. Chase is one of the major banks in Seattle.
  • Check out for weekly events and reviews on fun kid stuff to do

While there

  • If you want to travel on the cheap, there are a multitude of parks to visit. Check out Things to Do In Seattle for all of the sights the kids and I are checking out in the area.


  • Buses- a bus trip will now cost you US$2.25 (check rates as they do change almost every year). You can get a transfer if you need to change buses to get to your location. You must use exact change when riding the bus. You can also buy a bus ticket book at drugs stores and other locations.
  • Taxis- don’t bother unless you are staying downtown. You won’t find them in too many neighborhoods.
  • Car- A car is almost a must if you want to explore outside of the city. Definitely budget in a rental car if possible.




What to See and Do