A Gourmet’s Guide to Truffle Salt and the Picky Eater Toddler Years

As you enter the Picky Eater stages of life (the kid is working out IDENTITY! and BOUNDARIES! and PERSONAL VALUES!) you may discover that your life is narrowing down to tater tots, and mac n cheese, and broccoli (if you’re lucky).

What’s a world traveler to do with this repetition?

Truffle salt, my friends. A little tin of truffle salt will elevate EVERYTHING.

Truffle salt and picky eater toddlers

A savory truffle, celebrated worldwide, is surely the finest sign of parental sophistication – or, perhaps, the last gasp of your boho casual lifestyle pre-anklebiter.

Celebrated in its native regions surrounding the endlessly divine regions of a France or Italy you can’t even imagine trying to fly to with a 3 year old, this unassuming subterranean tuber stands as the last hold out between you and processed food banality. Normally shaved air thin and added to your dining bill at an extravagant price, this fine odiferous root can transcend even cardboard to bring your parenting failures into the realm of fine taste.

How to use truffle salt

Recently on my 9th day of Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese (the shells! with yellow cheese!), I decided to sprinkle a little truffle salt on my steaming bowl, and while I can’t claim I heard the tinkling bells of the geese of perigord, it did elevate my powdered orange dinner to glorious levels of taste, with no MSG!

Inspired, I tried sprinkling some on the potato chips I have a weakness for. Amazing!

Later, I made a yogurt dip for the crudites (errr…. broccoli and carrot sticks) with a little herbs de provence – tasty. Add truffle salt – ZOMG! Even the ankle biter ate all that up.

Don’t ask me though. I’m sitting here swatting my cat away from the truffled mac n’ cheese.

How to use Truffle Salt


Where to find such glory? Tuber magnificanus and its various derivatives normally grows along the root of various deciduous trees, is a favorite for wild boars, and can be a beast to find in the wild. Since I don’t have days to dedicate to its discovery, I claim delight at the following fine purveyors:

  • Casina Rossa Truffle and Salt is one of our favorites to grab on Amazon.com too.
  • Pinch Spice Market is my favorite. Operated in Chicago by my friend by Tom, he spends his days concocting perfect blends from true ingredients. I have no less than two Black Truffle salt tins in my spice drawer at any one time, and always take one when camping or trekking.
  • Whole Foods, World Market, and similar semi-gourmet shops have various truffle salts. Don’t accept any truffle-infused oils though: those are often synthetically flavored.

If you happen to be in Italy or France, you can bring back jarred, canned, pate, ground and whole truffles, and keep them for a few months on the shelf or in the fridge

Have you tried truffles or truffle salt
on your picky toddler’s favorites?
Share your combo with us in the comments below!

Black truffle mushroom, truffle salt oil vertical  and truffle salt oil horizontal via ShutterStock.com. This post may contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking one of those links I will receive a small commission.

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