Trying to use a car seat in China

I know I might get a lot of backlash for this, but given our recent trip to China, I’m questioning whether I would haul a car seat along with us again, unless we rented a car.

As responsible parents, Mike and I brought our car seat on my recent business trip to China thinking we would click it into taxis, company cars, etc. We had grand ideas of keeping our beautiful boy safe in cities with some pretty interesting traffic rules. It all sounded perfect and easy, that is until we got there.

We did try to use the car seat, but without much success. From the airport to our hotel in Hong Kong we had the car seat in the back of the taxi, but we could not get the seat belt to click around the car seat to keep it secure. Mike has gotten our car seat installed in many different vehicles, but there was no way it would secure into this taxi. So we had to half hold the car seat. Not safe by anyone’s standards. This happened again in Shenzhen and Beijing.

Once we were able to start doing some sightseeing in Beijing, we had the dilemma of do we take the car seat in the taxi  and then haul it around with us or do we leave it. In the end we decided to carry him in our arms and left the car seat at the hotel. I said a lot of prayers and we thankfully all remained safe and sound (there were rarely seat belts for us too) as we went to various locations. We did try to take the subway whenever possible, so we did not face this dilemma too often, but it was definitely an issue throughout the trip.

Now before anyone posts a nasty comment, I promise we will continue to bring a car seat on all trips, whether it ends up being used or not. But my question to you is this, is it better to have your child in a car seat that can not be secured down properly, if at all, or is it better to hold him in your lap. Either way it is dangerous and not a good situation, but what would you do?

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  1. I lived in Hong Kong for 5 years. My daughter was born there and we didn’t have a car. We relied on our hotel car and taxis. No one uses a car seat in taxis there – locals, expats, tourists. I had the Graco infant carseat in the beginning that was easy to belt in a taxi but after that, I spent a fortune trying to find a practical alternative and just gave up. A backless booster would work, but between ages 1 and 4 there was nothing.

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