Waking Up to a Morning on Orcas Island


Fog rolled in overnight leaving us in a Brigadoon wonderland

The first morning in a new place, especially if we arrive at night, really is my favorite part of a trip. I can never sleep in. Dek slept until 8am (hallelujah!), and I was wide-awake with him. I got us both dressed and out the door before Mike could even roll over to ask what time it was.

The autumn air was chilly, but nothing our hats and coats couldn’t handle. A gentle breeze pushed off the water sending the sweet smell of the salt sea our way. Fog hugged the water, creating an almost Brigadoon wonderland around the smaller islands. The stress from the previous night’s drive slowly started to slip away. We were on island time. I was ready to explore, but first, we needed some breakfast.

Captains were just starting to head to their boats after a hot cup of coffee

Our hotel, The Resort at Deer Harbor, offered a complimentary breakfast in the lobby. I decided to check it out with Dek in tow. I figured we could return to Mike in a little bit and then go out in search of a bigger meal.

There was no need. The hotel had quite the spread. They offered cereal, hot cinnamon buns, maple bars, toast, bagels, fruit, yogurt, juice, tea and coffee. It’s all Dek and I needed to get our morning going. If you didn’t want to sit at the lobby tables, you could take a tray of food back to your room. What a wonderful idea! I couldn’t quite figure out how to balance a tray while trying to steer a 2 year old across the street though, so we opted to eat in.

A variety of breakfast items to get you moving in the morning. Better yet, it came with the price of the room.

The staff was friendly and adored Dek from the get go. I wasn’t too surprised since my communication up to this point had been nothing but excellent. What was surprising were the other guests.

It’s not that we stay at places that the guests are rude, I’ve just never had guests be so helpful. Each took a turn saying hi to Dek or stopping him from running out the door. It’s as if they took pity on this seemingly single mom trying to enjoy a quick bowl of Frosted Flakes (I was on vacation. No judging.) They were all in vacation mode too and happy to lend a hand so I didn’t have to jump up every 2 minutes to chase him down. It was a huge blessing and another stepping-stone on our way to unwinding from our drive and ferry ride over to the island.

The fog didn’t stick around to long. We would soon head out to see the rest of the island.

Once Dek and I were fueled up, I grabbed a coffee and bagel for Mike. We started the slow, but short walk back to our room, pointing out birds, trees, rocks (endless rocks) and motorcycles along the way. We didn’t dally too much though. We had 24 hours to check out the island. I didn’t want to waste any time. So much for our laid back weekend huh?

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  • Lisa

    Glad things improved! That first photo with the fog is stunning! I would love to be able to take the kind of pics you do.

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