Waterfall Making Glaciers at Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington


Waterfalls, both big and small, rush off the side of Mt. Rainier as the sun heats up

I had a few more pictures of the glaciers on Mt. Rainier I thought I would share. I was reading yesterday that there used to be ice caves that hikers could head to in the summer. Global warming has caused these ice caves to disappear. Very sad, but true. If the number of waterfalls coming off of the glacier at the end of September on Mt. Rainier is any indication of climate change, we are in trouble of losing even more wonders this national park has to offer.

Ice caves have been lost but there is still much to see and experience at Mt. Rainier

The day we were at the park we saw snowboarders and skiers taking advantage of the late (or early) season snow. We also think we saw a group of scientists out on one of the glaciers. It was hard to tell though. They definitely hadn’t left any noticeable tracks like the boarders were.

Snowboarders and skiers take advantage of the off-season snow on a sunny day in late September 2011 at Mt. Rainier

Scientists (or hikers) explore the a glacier face on Mt. Rainier

We do have another park with popular ice caves that we will have to try to explore next year. I don’t want to miss out on a chance to see them before they too disappear. I hear Glacier National Park may only last 10 more years. I really hope that’s not true. I’m not taking any chances. We’ll be headed that way in the next 5 hopefully.

What natural wonders are you headed to in the next year? 

Don’t let Mother Nature’s wonders pass you by. Get out there and explore.

I don’t have the guts or stamina to hike to the peak, but I sure do love that I am able to enjoy all of the beauty Mt. Rainier has to offer.

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  • Jessica

    Those are beautiful pictures. I was always afraid that I wouldn’t get to see Venice before it sank into the ocean, but I took care of that. 🙂

  • Mom

    Let me know when you go to Glacier! I want to come, too!

  • f-stop mama

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. It’s sad to know some of mother nature may not survive for future generations to see.

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