Friday Postcards from the winter weather in Bern Switzerland and a longtime friendship

 In Europe

Not too long ago (OK so it was longer than I want to admit), I met my friend Tara. You may know her as a contributor and editor on this site, but I know her as the first girl I met on our first day of grad school. She sat down across from me, said “Hi” and we haven’t stopped talking since.

Almost four years ago Tara moved to Switzerland to be with the man of her dreams, start a family and slowly become fluent in Swiss German (much harder to learn than you would think). Throughout the year Tara posts pictures of her life in Switzerland on her personal Facebook page. Today I decided to steal one.

This serene pastoral scene was my happy place today as I dealt with the usual chaos of a sick toddler, school pick up and drop off, and deadlines piling up that I had no clue how I was going to complete in time. The fog through the mountains and across the field towards the barn reminded me of the quiet place Tara likes to call home these days. It’s much different from the crowded streets of Chicago we both used to call home. It made me miss her, but it also got me excited about our upcoming trip back to Europe.

I’ve visited Tara only once a few years back when I brought the boys to Europe. I am thrilled to get to spend a week with her again this spring with all four of our kids. It won’t be a trip filled with snow and skiing in the Alps, although she certainly lives close enough that we could make it happen. No, this wintry scene will be gone; replaced by green pastures and flowers starting to bloom… I hope. I hear it is still pretty chilly, even at the end of May. Either way, I hope to catch a few more glimpses of my happy place, but this time Tara will be walking beside me as we catch up as if no time has passed since our last visit many moons ago.

Where do you dream about visiting this spring? 

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  • Mary {The World Is A Book}

    Seeing old friends is always a blessing. Lucky for you to get to spend time in Switzerland with a local. What a view!

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