What Does a Pregnant Traveling Mom Look Like?

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A while back a writing project went around the family travel forums. It started with “What Does a Traveling Dad Look Like” and has since morphed into various personalities- mom, tween, family of 7, etc. Well, I figured it was time to see what the traveling pregnant mama looks like. With a toddler in tow of course.

  1. Me. I’ll start from head to toe.
    • Sunglasses: If you haven’t noticed already I wear sunglasses a lot. It’s hard to find a photo of me without them on. My eyes are very light, which makes them pretty sensitive to the sun. I’ve had these sunglasses for ages. They were under $10 at some mall kiosk somewhere. I never invest in good sunglasses because inevitably they break or get lost. So of course my cheap pair has been with me for at least 6 years now.
    • Hair: Once upon a time I used to wear my hair down. Not sure you could find anyone that remembers that day but it’s true. These days the unruly curls just get thrown up in some sort of knot, ponytail or bun. I’m lucky if I get makeup on when I step out the door. My bigger priority is tackling the toddler and getting shoes on him.
    • Jacket: I found this pregnancy jacket on sale at Old Navy. It was long enough to keep the top half of me warm, but it’s really thin. I still have to wear a hoodie under it most days.
    • Top: In my 3rd trimester I finally invested in 4 nice, yet cheap, tops. I was feeling lousy about my ever-expanding body and I gave into the need for clothes that actually fit me and didn’t make me look like a trash bag. I plan on consigning them the second I can.
    • Leggings: About a month ago all pants stopped fitting me or were at least too uncomfortable to deal with. I was sad to lose my jeans, but what can you do. With Dek I just wore cropped yoga pants the last two months. It was summer. You were lucky I was wearing them at all. This baby is necessitating a little more coverage to keep warm.
    • Boots: Any chance I get I wear knee-high boots to keep my legs warm. Those leggings don’t do much so I try to protect myself as much as possible. They are also great to trek around town in. Super comfy but stylish too. I’d rather where my flip-flops, but alas, this spring is not warming up the way I had hoped.
  2. Dek. That would be my toddler. He is forever in a long sleeve shirt with a t-shirt over top, a hoodie, jeans and sneakers. He is my constant companion. I would say he is my ultimate accessory, but really I think he considers me his accessory in life. He lets me tag along for the ride usually. More often than not he is off doing his own thing while I try to chase him down.
  3. Umbrella Stroller. This cheap Babies R Us stroller was bought for our first trip to China. I have a much nicer lightweight stroller but it wasn’t cheap. I wanted something I could trash on the back streets of Beijing and Shenzhen without fear of losing money if it broke. It has since been to China and Hong Kong twice, Japan, Canada a few times, Hawaii, all over Seattle, and back and forth across the USA countless times. It is still in great shape.
  4. Lowepro Camera Bag. Since Dek can’t be my accessory, my camera bag is. It goes everywhere with us on our adventures. I can fit a DSLR camera and at least 2 lenses in it. I also have a few Holga lenses in there at the moment that I am testing out. I love that it is a sling bag because it fits nicely over my belly and leaves one shoulder available to hold a kid or my purse.
  5. Mama Bag. This is the 2nd incarnation of my big mama bag, the bag that replaced the separate diaper bag a long time ago. The first was a sling bag from H&M in Hong Kong. I demolished it after several trips. This newer bag comes to us all the way from Target. It’s leather and canvas so hopefully it will hold up. It can hold my laptop when needed, but is usually stocked with a few pull-ups, wipes, several pieces of fruit, a bagel, some fruit leather strips, a point and shoot camera, a match box car or twelve, tissues, extra socks for the kiddo and a bottle of water. I have to keep the little guy and myself fed and hydrated even when we are just running to the store. I’m sure there is a wallet, keys and a phone in there somewhere too. It’s pretty deep. It’s not bursting at the seams or really bulky though, which is sure nice when I’m hauling it all over the world.

No outing would be complete without Dek asking for a snack and trying to dig through my bag


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  • The Flying Salmon

    Thanks for this glimpse into how you travel as a parent. As a mom myself, it’s great to see how other people do it!

  • gayE @ pinaytraveljunkie

    A fab mom, I must say! I’m more of the bohemian kind, haha. It’s my first time here and I’m wondering… Why just now?!

    • © Keryn Means/ walkingon travels

      I swear I look more sophisticated when pregnant than I normally do 🙂

  • Lisa Wood

    Gee I so love those boots and the jacket 🙂

    For a pregnant travelling mum you look amazing. Love the style

  • Amanda @ Not A Ballerina

    You definitely look fantastic for a pregnant travelling mum!! Am a little jealous.

    Am with you on the sunglasses though. Mine are now six years old, were cheap, and my husband has been through five expensive pairs in that time. He just bought a cheap pair – these will probably stick around!

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