What to Expect in 2013

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It’s hard to believe 2012 is over and we are plowing in head first to 2013. I’ve been thinking about how I can make this site more efficient and helpful for you, which has led to a few changes in the New Year.

If you follow me on Facebook you might have notice me asking for your feedback over the past several months. I like hearing what you want to know and read more about. I hope to continue to listen and provide valuable information and a whole lot of entertaining stories from the road to keep you motivated to travel with your kids.

So what are these changes you ask? Well here you go.

Fewer Posts = Better Content

Up until December I was posting 5-6 days a week consistently for almost 2 years. I did it because I loved it. I had a lot to say. I still have a lot to say, but in the past few months I’ve gotten the opportunity to share my family travel philosophy in a few new places (TripStyler, Travel Mindset and Seattle’s Child.) With these new outlets comes less time for my own blog, but I see this as a good thing. I want to bring you all better content; more researched, better composed and even more informative than ever. I will be cutting back to 3 days per week, which will still include Travel Tips Tuesday. I do reserve the right to post a little more when the mood strikes me, but you can count on those 3 days.


Newsletter is go for launch

Many of you get an email every time a post goes live on the blog, but some of you have a fear of committing. I get it. Not everyone has the time to plow through everything I write. I have a hard time keeping up with many of my favorite bloggers too. In my efforts to keep you in the loop but not clog up your inbox I am starting a monthly newsletter. It will be sent on the first Wednesday of every month. You will get a chance to see some of the highlights from the blog the previous month, hear about what we have coming up next, get a few extra photos and special content from time to time that no one else will see.


Travel in the new year

I have a lot of travel plans running through my head at the moment. We are off to the island of Kauai, the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, this month where we hope to get a little rest and do a whole lot of research and exploring so you can start planning your own trip down to one of our favorite islands. My travel wish list for 2013 is long and ambitious. I know we won’t be able to do them all, time and money are both big factors these days, but I am planning on at least getting us back to Europe again next fall. If I can swing it we will finally head south to Central or South America as well. Going back to Japan is always in the back of our minds too.

What would you like to see
on the blog in 2013? 


walking on travels: keep traveling, keep moving forward;
take your kids walking on life’s path to adventure

What to Expect in 2013 written by Keryn Means

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  • Jenna

    I guess we are co-workers now because I write for Travel Mindset, too 🙂 I am very excited about the launch of that website!
    I can’t believe you were able to post 5-6 times per week. That’s amazing. Definitely spreading yourself out more sounds like a productive change.

  • Reply

    I think cutting back on the quantity of posts is a good thing. Not that I don’t love reading everything you write but damn you are one busy woman!!

    Looking forward to the newsletter. I’m starting mine this month too so we should compare notes. 🙂

  • My Traveling Troop

    Hello and Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what your travel-wish list is for 2013! I just crafted mine and posted it on the good ol’ blog. There are lots of places on it, including Bali, Japan, Germany and France! I better start researching! Have you been to any of those places? Would love to hear your tips, especially since I’ll be traveling with kids!


  • Emiel

    I guess we share the same love for Japan! I will check out those Japan pages for sure. We will return to Japan someday for sure, with our kids.
    Cutting back on posting is a good idea I think. Honestly I can’t imagine posting 5-6 times a week! That’s a lot! Anyway, do whatever your heart tells you 🙂
    We are up for Barcelona next month and Cambodia later in the year (with a stop in Dubai and Bangkok). And more planned but not confirmed yet…2013 will be great. Good luck (and I just subscribed to your newsletter).

  • Jessica

    I love your goals for the new year. I enjoyed the newsletter this morning and I am excited to see your new contributions in other places. You go girl!

  • Cassie

    Congrats on your other projects! I’m liking your newsletter, I’ve been wanting to do more with my email list (right now it’s just all the weeks posts once a week) I’m thinking of adding more content so I’m looking forward to your inspiration!

    And have fun in Kauai, we were there in 2011 when a friend was living there. These pics of yours are Kauai, right so I guess you’ve been? Ke’e Beach is my favorite beach in the world!

  • Adam Sommer

    5-6 times a week! Wow, I couldn’t write that much…my goal this year is to write more (aiming for 3 times per week). Anyway, I signed up for your newsletter and look forward to following along!

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