Whistler Inclusive Playground Serves up Plenty of Fun

Nothing can stop my kid from enjoying a playground. The sniffles, a down pour or even 110 degrees, Dek will happily go down the slide, fly through the air on a swing and climb any ladder you set in front of him. I have a feeling he isn’t the only toddler out there that feels this way.

The Whistler Olympic Plaza Inclusive playground did not disappoint. It was built for children attending the Olympics and Paralympics in 2010. One great feature is the all-inclusive nature of this playground. It can meet the diverse needs of children of different ages and those with disabilities. Everyone gets to play. Siblings, friends and family aren’t excluded from the fun times just because they might have a trouble tackling steps or are too little to climb a ladder just yet. One day Dek’s little brother will appreciate this as he tries to keep up with his very active big bother.

We tackled this playground at night in the snow and during the day in the rain. Both times Dek didn’t want to leave. He had fun exploring the tree house, the slide made of rolling rails and the tree stump steps that I made him get off of countless times. He just wasn’t big enough to climb those safely and I was too pregnant to help him navigate. Instead Dek got to use the big ramp that leads up to the main level of the tree house, making it accessible to parents and children no matter what their age or mobility needs.

The snow, and later rain, did not distract from the experience. We had fun exploring through textures, colors, natural and man-made materials, and different levels of the structures. It was a great stop to hit while waiting for a table at a restaurant or waiting for Mike as he stood in line for coffee at Blenz. So grab yourself a hot chai or mocha, throw on some mittens, pull up your hood and let your kids go crazy. Rain, snow or shine they will have fun.

Know Before You Go

  • Whistler Olympic Plaza Inclusive Playground, across from the park from the ice rink, Whistler Village
  • Features: two large wooden tree structures, slides, steps, ramps, musical instruments and so much more
  • Blenz and Starbucks are just across the path if parents need a little caffeine
  • Public restrooms are located on the back side of the playground

For more information on Whistler, check out the Whistler, BC (Winter) page.

3 thoughts on “Whistler Inclusive Playground Serves up Plenty of Fun”

  1. Lisa

    Gotta love a playground with a Starbucks across the street! 🙂 Looks like fun for the kids too!

  2. cravesadventure

    I want to be a kid again and play here:) Have a Great Weekend!

  3. Mom

    Whistler has been such a great place to visit virtually with you, maybe the grandparents will have to come next time. The tree house would be lots of fun to explore!

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