Why I Attended a Conference with an Infant

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Trying out the cowgirl look at the Expedia sponsored hoedown

If you have been following me on Facebook and Twitter you know that Ty and I took off for a conference last week. I’d attended the Travel Bloggers Exchange conference (TBEX) last year in Vancouver and was really excited to attend again this year in Keystone, CO.

When I got pregnant with Ty I wasn’t sure the timing would work out. I still had my ticket to the conference but I held back on booking plane tickets and a hotel until after he was born. I had no reason to believe my baby wouldn’t be healthy enough to travel, but you just never know.

Ty’s seat of choice the entire conference. I may need a month of massages to get my back in working order again.

Ty came out a beautiful and healthy little man. I was ready to hit the road again and get his travel legs wet. I opted to leave Dek at home with his dad. I knew I could do a conference with an infant, but with a toddler would have been much more tricky. Ty is still very portable and just slept on me in the Ergo most of the time.

Before we left I touched base with my family travel blogging group to make sure I wasn’t crazy for bringing a 7-week-old infant to a conference. I was assured that mine would not be the first infant to attend. In fact, once we got there I found out that Nadia at ChildMode had also brought her 9-month-old son. I happily hung out in the back of each session with her and her adorable little guy.

Ty gets a little cuddle time with Mara (The Mother of All Trips), Nancy (Family on Bikes) and Jessica

Besides attending sessions and learning a little more about all there is to offer on my blog, I was also excited to meet a few blogger friends in person and reconnect with people I had met last year.

Jessica at Suitcases And Sippycups and I had been chatting and encouraging each other in our new blogging endeavor for over a year. We had never met in person but we decided to share a condo. I think this is the only way I maintained my sanity that weekend. Jessica hung out with Ty while I would jump in the shower to get ready for an event. She also acted as my second opinion when the babysitter showed up Friday night to watch Ty so I could go to the opening event at a higher elevation (more on that later). There is nothing like a new location and a tired new (again) mother to make you question your judgment.

Flying solo at the opening event Friday night

There were a few hiccups along the way of course. Ty cried during some of the sessions, causing me to miss a lot of the information I was hoping to absorb.

I was also exhausted. Being at a higher altitude didn’t help. Having a baby up a few times a night and then needing to wake myself up early to get to sessions and do some extra networking had me dreaming about my pillow a bit more than usual.

But was it worth it?

Yes, absolutely. I would be kicking myself right now if I didn’t go.

I took away some very useful information to apply to my blog, and I got a lot out of the conference, even if I couldn’t stay for every minute of each session.

Got to catch up with Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome


Travel bloggers are an awe-inspiring group of people. Get us all together in a room and we are a powerful force preaching our message of wanderlust. Whether they are a man and a woman on the hunt for the world’s best tacos like Vagabond3, a couple that rekindled their love as The Planet D did, or just a food lover tasting her way through one country at a time like Devour the World has done, they all bring something to the travel community.

I was able to learn from these people and stay motivated to keep on writing, taking pictures and most importantly, traveling the world with my boys and sharing it all with you.

Also not many people look at you like you are crazy for bringing a toddler to China when they have been there themselves.

Trying out a little line dancing: Who says you can’t have traveling with a baby

Would I do it again?

Of course! I learned so much and really enjoyed making new contacts and catching up with some incredible wanderers.

It also helped that Ty suffered no ill effects from attending with me. He was of course a hit with everyone at the conference. I started referring to him as my living business card. What better way to advertise that you write about traveling with kids than to have one strapped to your chest? I just wish he had been awake a little more so people could see the smiles he has finally started to show us.

Away we go on our first adventure. May there be many more!

Above all else I remembered how to travel with an infant.

I didn’t travel with Dek until he was 3 months old. I was too scared and too overwhelmed by all the newborn stuff. This time around I knew what to expect. I was more confident in my mama travel skills. It was empowering and gave me a little more confidence as a traveling parent, something I am going to need come October when the boys and I head to Europe.

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written by Keryn Means

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  • Becca@R We There Yet Mom?

    I followed you all weekend long – sounded wonderful!!!

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  • Lisa

    I wish I would have been there to hold him too! Glad everything went ok and that you had a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  • Mom

    I’m very jealous of everyone who got to hold our little guy! But, extremely proud of my sophisticated daughter who hasn’t lost her adventurous spirit.

  • Jessica

    I am so, so glad you decided to come along. The weekend would not have been same for me without you. You are a family traveling hero!

  • Steve

    I don’t for a second question your sanity for attending the conference with a baby. I think it’s great that you practice what you preach, and I’m sure you got lots out of it.
    I am willing to question your sanity for sharing a condo with Jessica though. That girls a little nuts! 🙂

    • Reply

      Let me tell you Steve, you get Jessica and I in a room and it’s a party for sure. Just a few friendly faces (like yours!) missing which would have made it even more insane 😉

  • Reply

    Thanks for linking to our Family Travel Friday blog hop. How did I not meet you last weekend at TBEX? Especially with a baby? – that’s like a magnet to me!

    Glad you were able to attend the conference. I know I’m glad I went!

    • Reply

      Not sure how we missed each other either! I was definitely wandering around quite a bit. We must have been walking in opposite directions 🙂 Next time for sure though!

  • Sonja

    Wow, good for you! I couldn’t manage getting to TBEX and I don’t even have an infant! I would love to meet all my fellow bloggers . . . maybe next year.

    • Reply

      Yes, Definitely. Let’s try for a big family blogger get together next year at TBEX! Have a great time in Madrid. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  • Dominique

    What a great way for your little one to get his first few travel miles in!
    Hopefully I’ll get to go back to TBEX one of these years, meanwhile, I’m happy to hear that it seemed to go so much more smoothly this year than in some of the previous years 🙂

  • Allison

    I was especially impressed when I saw you country line dancing with a baby strapped to your chest. I agree that bringing your little guy along was a great way to promote family travel. If you hadn’t come, I would have been sorry to miss meeting you. I’m so glad it was a success!

  • Paige AllOvertheMap

    How great that you were brave enough to do it! I think I met you there but I didn’t know you were YOU! Because I definitely met a woman with a tiny baby and there couldn’t have been two of you there, could there?

    • Reply

      Ha! That’s hilarious. Yes, if you met a woman that had a black ergo always strapped onto her that was me. There was another mom there with a 9 month old, but he was usually in a red stroller. I’m pretty sure it was me you met though. I’m pretty sure I met you too 🙂

  • eileen at FamiliesGo!

    very brave! Glad it worked out for you!

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