WowWee Chippies bring hope to families who can’t have furry friends

A long time ago, I really wanted a dog. I begged my parents for years for a puppy. There was no logical reason why my family couldn’t have a dog that I could see. We had a house, a yard and food on the table. Why couldn’t we have a dog?

What I didn’t know was that my mom had allergies. We didn’t actually have that much money to put food on the table. Our yard wasn’t fenced in and my parents didn’t have the time or energy to take care of one more creature.

In later years, as a teenager, we did get a dog. He was a pound puppy named Jake, who happened to be hypoallergenic, not that we knew what that meant back then. We had more food on the table.  I was old enough to help with walks since our yard still wasn’t fenced in. Not all families are so lucky though. Finances, work constraints, housing limitations, rental agreements, busy schedules, and especially an increase in allergies make having a dog more impossible than ever.

Enter WowWee Chippies

WowWee Chippies

Now, I know what you are saying. A robot dog? Really? Yes. For friends of mine, this is the best solution for their pet needs. When you child is begging you for a dog, sometimes you just need to get creative.

The best example of this is my friend Katie. She is a busy mom with three kids ages two, five and eight. Her children have health issues. Katie also has time constraints and rents a townhouse that doesn’t allow pets. Her children beg her daily for a dog. They love to play with my puppy every second they can. No matter how she explains the many road blocks to getting a puppy, they just can’t accept that they can never have a dog in their house.

Another example is my neighbor. He is highly allergic to dogs. Even my hypoallergenic puppy makes his skin itch. His three kids have asked him to live on allergy medication that makes him drowsy, but that isn’t much of a life. They go without a furry friend instead.

WowWee Chippies
An alternate to the furry friend

For kids who need that playful puppy at home, the WowWee Chippies can give them a puppy fix. WowWee Chippies can be bought separately or you can get the whole puppy pack…there’s a pup for everyone. Babies won’t be scared when their big brother or sister’s dog comes chasing them down (trust me. Katie’s two-year-old daughter is terrified of my 10-pound ball of fur. I get it; toddlers are nervous around dogs. Mine were too.)

Chippies can sniff, bark, give kisses and guard a room. If you use the remote control, it can dance, chase its tail, and even roll over. When you get a pack of Chippies together they will even sing. That’s more than any other robot dog on the market is doing right now.

WowWee Chippies
Chip’s family just grew

You may be thinking that you have already heard of Chippies, and you are partially right. These are the offspring of Chip, the larger robot dog created by WowWee that was in hot demand last year. Chippies are at a more affordable price point, especially for parents with young kids still learning to take care of their pets (and toys).

Not everyone can have a furry friend at home. Some of us travel a ton for work or fun, live under rental terms that don’t allow dogs or have health concerns. Every kid deserves to experience a little love and fun with a pet though. Chippies are giving families the chance to have their puppy without all of the mess or a fenced in yard. And hey, you save a bundle on vet bills too, so it’s a win win for all!

Have you tried out WowWee Chippies yet?

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