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A Pizza Hut feast (oh and Clive Owen too)

When we were in Shenzhen, I was working over Thanksgiving. As you may have guessed, China does not celebrate this American holiday. There were a few pubs and hotels offering a Thanksgiving dinner, but I was working until at least midnight most nights, so there was no way I could partake in this meal.

So what did I have for dinner on my favorite eating day of the year? Pizza Hut. Yup, a small Hawaiian pizza with ham (or was it spam? Let’s hope it was one of the two) and pineapple. This may sound odd, but my customer service reps at the plant are all in their twenties and they love Pizza Hut. They were so excited I was there because they had an excuse to order Pizza Hut most nights.

Braving the Seafood Festival pizza in my room at the plant in Singapore (March 2008)

Overall the pizza wasn’t that bad. It was different from Pizza Hut int he U.S though. The crust was not as squishy and I don’t think 3-5 cheeses were involved. It was much more of a thin crust style pizza, but no where close to the Philly or New York style pizza I was raised on.

There were some interesting things on the Pizza Hut menu besides pizza though. No bread sticks or buffalo wings that I saw, but there were some appetizers wrapped in ham or Spam. I was never actually asked what I wanted, but I did look up the Pizza Hut website to see what was available. Now, I don’t speak more than 2-3 words of Chinese (I have tried to learn more, but it’s very hard) and I certainly can’t read Chinese characters, but I gathered enough from the pictures to know that those of us in the U.S. have been missing out. China gets a very wide range of food on their menu. Layered lasagna, beef entrees, smoothies and desserts to drool over. Where are my fancy puff pastries Pizza Hut? Maybe I would eat at your restaurant more than once every 5 year if you gave me more chocolate, lattes and ice cream creations. Well, probably not, but you never know.

This non-traditional Thanksgiving reminded me of my first trip to Singapore. After over a week of Chinese food, my manager, who was training me on press, and I were a little tired of chicken and rice. Don’t get me wrong. I have never had a bad meal in Singapore, we were just a bit limited at the plant and without a take out menu, we weren’t sure what to ask for when we had to work through dinner.

One night our pressman came to us and asked what we would like. We sheepishly replied that we would love pizza. We knew it might be available, so we figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. He simply said “OK” and sent someone off to get it for us.

Pizza Hut’s Seafood Festival (left) and Veggie Pizza (Singapore 2008)

I guess we should have been more specific. He came back with a veggie pizza and what I later found out was the Seafood Festival pizza from Pizza Hut. Very popular in Singapore. We were able to stomach the veggie pizza, but there was something very strange going on with that seafood pizza. It had a cream sauce, shrimp and I think mussels, squid and/or clams on it. It was not very appetizing and not exactly what we were craving at this point in our trip. When I’m on press for that long, I tend to want a few comforts of home around me every now and then. I did take a bite of the seafood pizza at least, but then proceeded to only eat the crust.

Tasty sting ray (Singapore 2008)

Please don’t think I am an extremely picky eater. On this same trip I had sting ray, chili mussels and shark fin soup. I went way out of my comfort zone on many occasions and was happy I did. Sting ray is actually quite delicious.

This Thanksgiving may not have been the most traditional, but it certainly was memorable.

Tip of the Day This was not the first time we had been out of the country over Thanksgiving and had eaten some non-traditional meals. It’s actually our favorite time of year to get out of the states and visit the rest of the world. It’s the off-season for most of Europe and prices are lower on hotels and airfare, as long as you aren’t traveling the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or the Sunday after. It’s a great way to take advantage of work holidays and save up some vacation days as well.


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